ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

After getting success in Data Centers now Sirius is ready to launch their own Enterprise Resource Planning  Software  . Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software have increasing gained demand and  traction at both high and low level Enterprises . Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated application to manage the business and functions related to marketing ,finance, marketing , accounts  customer relationship management and supply chain management . Enterprise Resource Planning implementation options include on premises, cloud and a mix of the two, called hybrid, such as with infrastructure as a service and platform as a service . We provide best Enterprise Resource planning software .

We Provide Best Enterprise Resource planning software  (ERP)

The benefit of Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP)   is to increase  streamline processes , efficiency and also promote coordination  in the organization .
  •  Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP)  boosts the Operational Flexibility .
  • Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP)  Increase the automating data collection .
  • Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP)  improves the  Supply Chain Management.
  • Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP)  decrease the risk by providing good compliance .
  • Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP)  reduces the operational Costs .
  • Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP) promotes the culture of coordination .
  • Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP) can manage Human Resource and Payroll more better .
  • Enterprise Resource planning  (ERP)  lower the redundant tasks .
  •  ERP system can readily    generate  useful report

Comparison Between  other ERP and OUR ERP


Other ERP 

Our ERP 

 Human Resource Management  Yes   Yes
 Production Planning   Yes   Yes
 Material Management   Yes   Yes
 Financial Supply Chain   Yes   Yes
 Quality Management   Yes   Yes
  Sales   Yes  Yes
  Purchase  Yes  Yes
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Yes   Yes